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Our why

Why we do it

Your home is at the heart of everything we do and we are inspired by that every day. So much can happen around your home and we love to provide solutions that make your life easier and help you to enjoy your home.

The beauty of a kitchen can lift your mood and create a place where you love to be, love to cook and love to share time with your friends and family.

We have a real passion for unique and innovative craftsmanship and love to bring our ideas to life in people’s homes. Our ideas belong to everyone and we love to share them with you.

Every customer is a new leaf on the tree that we planted 18 years ago when we first started out.

Every customer deserves to have the ultimate say in what they want and we help to make that a reality. We won’t restrict your choices and we provide a service right from your very first enquiry through to the very end of a job.

We are craftsmen

We don’t have any fixed ideas on materials and will use whatever will work to achieve your vision. We’re not one-trick ponies and we won’t sell you the same products and services you will find elsewhere.

Our priority is what we do with the materials and how it looks when we walk away from your home.

Our idea of design is flowing and functional, beautiful and crafted. We are guided by your home and your ideas, incorporating the surrounding features to create the perfect piece of furniture for you.

How we love colour

Colour plays a big part in our lives and says a lot about who we are. Being able to get creative makes us different from the rest and the perfection of our painted products is not matched locally (we’ve done our homework!) and is a huge part of what we do.

We spray finish our products in a specially-designed spray booth, which provides us with the ultimate finish that puts us way above the rest. We promise that your paintwork will be run-free and streakless!

We use the best paint available, which spreads evenly and sets to a flawless finish. Even our undercoat is specially tinted to match the top coat which gives a deep, rich consistency and, most importantly, strength and durability.

What’s in it for you?

You will be treated as individuals and have our full attention while we work on your project. You get to tell us what you want, in what colour and when.

We take the stress out of having to find separate trades to attend to the individual elements of the project.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality available locally.

Budget is always a factor in any project and we appreciate that! In the unlikely event that you get a better quote for an identical job, we will beat it.

We will give you the best materials at the best price and our moving parts, like drawer runners and hinges, are the best on the market and will never be replaced with cheaper alternatives.

We have the ultimate selection of door furniture and finishes for our products so you get to sit back in the comfort of your own home with one of our brochures and choose what finishes you would like.

What’s in it for us!

Finishing a job to our high standard is like the end of a journey and our real secret is that we the love the journey best of all!

We take so much pride in what we do. If we can bring a smile to our customer’s face throughout the project and walk away with happy customers, then there’s a reason to come in the next day and start on the next smile!

Oak Sunshine

You are unique and so are we. This is our invitation to you to become part of our tree!